Fertility Coaching

How does it work? 

We will do between 3-6 months of fertility coaching depending on what you current lifestyle factors are and decide what would be the best protocol after our first call together. 

The Details

  • We will meet bi-weekly for 30 minute zoom calls (2 calls a month)
  •  One of the best things we can do as we prepare for pregnancy is do a nourishing cleanse (no shakes, or pills required) it will be built for you 
  • We will treat any doshic imbalances to help get your body ready for pregnancy. 
  • You will get a custom workout plan
  • Nutrition plan 
  • Stress management plan for you
  • Weekly email and text support 

This is a very customized program so it's hard to say exactly what it will look like for you, as no two people are quite a like. The programs all include the items listed above though.

Create a custom nourishing cleanse and nutrition program to prepare the body for pregnancy

Ayurvedic tips for a healthy pregnancy by preparing the body to be nourished so you will hopefully not feel as depleted during the pregnancy & postpartum

Learn how to set up a daily schedule so that you can thrive during pregnancy 


Background on Andrea Claassen

Andrea has specialized in pre/postpartum for 12 years and is both a certified personal trainer & yoga teacher with special certifications around pregnancy & postpartum fitness.

Along with her fitness background she is an Ayurvedic wellness counselor with a speciality in pre/postpartum care. She will also soon be a postparutm Ayurvedic doula. 

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Questions? Email andrea@andreaclaassen.com